human resources

Staff Coordinator/ Client Relations &
H.R Manager

Position Contract

By and between the Staff Coordinator (This Position) and the CEO

Result Inherent To This Position (Position Statement)

To retain long-term quality clients by hiring, training, and supervising caregivers who are committed to following “The Right Accord Way” and providing our clients with “The Right Accord Experience.”

Work Inherent In This Position

1. Responsible for recruiting and hiring the “A List” of Caregivers that will adhereto our five core values of professionalism, consistency, integrity, compassion, and ongoing training.

2. Responsible for all Caregiver training activities including orientations, inservices,and the CCA Program.

3. Responsible for all supervision activities as it relates to making sure ourCaregivers are delivering “The Right Accord Experience” to our clients.

4. Responsible for assisting and coordinating, with the Administrator, allscheduling related activities.

5. Responsible for effectively reporting (using all reporting systems set forth by the CEO) activities, issues, disciplinary problems, client and family concerns, and all other pertinent information directly to the CEO.

Standards/Behavior Inherent In This Position

Dressing Standards

1. Business Professional dressing standards. No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, halter orsleeveless tops.

2. Must wear company supplied name badge during working hours.


1. Inappropriate language, jokes, and the like are prohibited. Such behaviorpresents a very unprofessional image and would reflect poorly on the RightAccord.

2. You must never discuss your salary/wages with anyone but with the CEO. This information is confidential.

Position-Specific Standards

  1. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for seeking out and recruiting the “A List” of Caregivers. The “A List” of Caregivers is those that possess the qualities necessary to execute “The Right Accord Way” with exactness.
  2. The Staff Coordinator is required to assist in hiring new caregivers every
  3. Interviews are to be conducted every Wednesday, when
  4. The Staff Coordinator must conduct new hire interviews in accordance with the interview guidelines and questions set forth by the CEO
  5. The Staff Coordinator must use his/her better judgment when extending an offer to a potential This decision must be based upon the criteria outlined in the “New Applicant Assessment.”
  6. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for the oversight of all new hire It is expected that new hire orientations be held once a week, every Thursday.
  7. In the Orientation, The Staff Coordinator must share The Company Story and help caregivers understand and adopt the five core values that together make up “The Right Accord Way.” The caregivers must understand how they will be held accountable to each of these values. The pocket cards that contain “The Right Accord Way” and the Mission Statement are to be given out at this
  8. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all in-services that focus on educating caregivers on a variety of subjects that will improve their ability to provide our clients with “The Right Accord Experience.” This includes planning and notifying all Caregivers of the upcoming in-services via the “Notice to Caregivers.” Occasionally the Staff Coordinator will need to notify some Caregivers by phone.
  9. The Staff Coordinator oversees the Certified Companion Aide or CCA® program and will need to implement the proper CCA® accountability systems as set forth by the CEO, such as the CCA Completion Report.
  10. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for the overall supervision of the caregivers. It will be expected that the Staff Coordinators will conduct the “Caregiver Performance Evaluations” and will be responsible for making sure that they are given on time and to the specific caregivers discussed in the “Monthly Reviews” with the CEO.
  11. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for making 5 client visits each week where a “Client Spot Check” will be performed and an overall assessment on how their care is going will be done. These visits must also be documented in the “Client Visit Report” and turned in monthly. It is expected that these spot checks will be performed every other month for each client. The Staff Coordinator will be responsible for making sure that changes to the care, which may include changing a caregiver, is implemented if concerns arise after performing the Spot Check. It will be at this time that the Staff Coordinator will pick up the documentation notes, etc.
  1. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for reviewing the documentation notes, each and every time they do a “Client Spot Check” to make sure that the duties performed are in accordance with the care plan. The Staff Coordinator must report to the CEO, any applicable discrepancies that show up during this review.
  2. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Administrator in his/her scheduling This assistance includes discussing and coordinating both short and long term scheduling situations. The Staff Coordinator is expected to help the Administrator in keeping all schedules filled with the right caregiver, at the right place, at the right time.
  3. The Staff Coordinator is expected to share on-call duties with the A cellular phone will be provided and this is to be kept on during the entire time, even while sleeping. It is expected that when scheduling or other related issues arise, that cannot wait until the next business day, whomever is on-call will drop whatever they are doing to handle the situation. For each On-call situation, the Coordinator or the Administrator is required to fill out the “On-Call Schedule Change Form.”
  4. The Staff Coordinator must communicate with each caregiver, thoroughly, the Care Plan of the client and make sure the caregiver understands what is expected before they start a new client.
  5. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for introducing new clients to their
  6. It is expected that the Staff Coordinator will drop by, within 2 weeks of a client beginning services, to make sure that the caregivers are following the care plan and that the client is happy with the services. This is always documented on the Client Visit Report.
  7. The Staff Coordinator is responsible for turning in the proper documentation, relating to certain issues, and filing it in the appropriate area, such as the Client or Employee File.

General Standards

  1. All work will be orchestrated, documented and quantified toward the achievement of the company’s strategic objective. Orchestration means all routine activities will be documented and managed within the structure and context of the operations manual. All systems documentation will be formatted according to company
  2. All work will be performed in accordance with all government laws, regulations, ordinances, and court rulings in those jurisdictions in which the company operates.
  3. All work will be performed according to company policies and standards inherent in all position contracts, action plans, employee manuals, ongoing policy memorandums, facilities and dress codes, as well as in the vision and spirit of the company’s strategic objective, company story and positioning statement.
  4. All client materials and information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company. The information included in the operations manual is proprietary.
  5. All telephone calls, both internal and external, will be returned within one business day and within two hours whenever possible.
  6. Your Supervisor will be notified of any issues to be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met by reportee prior to the due date.
  7. All Policy Memorandums indicating changes in policy and/or procedure will be stored in each employee’s Operations Manual until which time an updated procedure is provided.
  8. Employees will provide staff assistance as requested, with a spirit of helpfulness. This means each employee may be asked from time to time to cover in other areas of accountability and/or departments as a matter of exception, not routine.
  9. Employees will respect each other’s time, space and need for concentration. Socializing and interruptions must not impede workflow.
  10. Employees will have weekly, regularly scheduled meetings with their
  11. Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the vision of the company, innovations and improvements within their department and position that are consistent with the company’s Strategic Objective. Innovation is encouraged and can be an ongoing process.