Position Contract

By and between the CEO (This Position) and the Shareholders. 

Result Inherent To This Position (Position Statement) 

To achieve Right Accord’s Strategic Objective. 

Work Inherent In This Position 

  1. Responsible for leading Right Accord in its efforts of achieving “The Strategic Objective.” 
  2. Responsible to each and every client in ensuring that they have “The Right Accord Experience” and that all systems relating to this (Client Fulfillment) are executed with professionalism, consistency, integrity, and compassion. 
  3. Responsible for managing and holding each staff member accountable to their position contracts. 
  4. Responsible for weekly one on one-accountability meetings, known as Weekly Reviews, with each office staff member.  The CEO must use the “Weekly Review” Agenda forms so that proper follow-up on accountability for each staff member can take place. 
  5. Responsible for a general staff meeting with the entire staff.  
  6. Responsible for the overall direction, creation, review and approval of all systems that are used by Right Accord.  These systems must always be client focused and move Right Accord closer to its Strategic Objective.  The CEO may delegate the creation of systems to anyone he sees fit but must always review and approve such systems before they are put into practice. 
  7. Responsible for turning generated leads into new clients by conducting assessments with new client prospects and their families.   
  8. Responsible for closing business by gathering a new service agreement and service deposit after each assessment. 
  9. Responsible for the signing and oversight of all contracts, leases, and binding documents related to Right Accord and their vendors. 
  10. Responsible for creating a professional but friendly atmosphere in the administrative offices. 
  11. Responsible for the interviewing and hiring of all office staff. 
  12. Responsible for keeping employees focused and motivated to perform the work inherent in their positions. 
  13. Responsible for rewarding and recognizing employees who go beyond the call of duty. 
  14. Responsible for reporting the financial performance and progress towards The Strategic Objective to the Shareholders, if applicable.  


Standards/Behavior Inherent In This Position 

Dressing Standards 

  1. Business Professional dressing standards.  No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, halter or sleeveless tops. 
  2. Must wear company supplied name badge during working hours. 


  1. Inappropriate language, jokes, and the like are prohibited.  Such behavior presents a very unprofessional image and would reflect poorly on Right Accord. 
  2. You must never discuss your salary/wages with anyone but with your direct director and the President.  This information is confidential. 

Position-Specific Standards

Strategic Objective Standards – Completion Date is _________.           

  1. #1 Referral source will be clients 
  2. ___% of caregivers hired will continue past 12-months of employment. 
  3. Annual sales will be at $___ 
  4. Clients average ___-months of continuous care 
  5. Approximately ___ clients and ___ caregivers 
  6. Largest homecare provider in Florida. 
  7. The Right Accord  systems are in place so that CEO can leave for weeks at a time and the business runs smoothly without him. 
  8. ___% net profit 
  9. offices in Manatee and Sarasota counties 
  10. Every system is documented in employee manuals. 

Other Standards 

  1. Accountable for closing 90% of the service assessments given to new prospects each month. 
  2. Accountable for being on time to each and every assessment. 
  3. CEO is expected to follow and adhere to Right Accord’s specific guidelines on how to perform a proper assessment. 
  4. Some assessments might need to be scheduled for the evening and it is important that the CEO is flexible enough to step in and do that on occasion.   
  5. Accountable for collecting service agreements and appropriate service deposits from each new client. 
  6. Responsible for carefully reviewing the “Client Handbook” with each new client & family member. 
  7. Responsible for following up, weekly, with those prospects who have been given a free assessment but have not become clients.  This follow-up will need to be tracked and noted . 
  8. Responsible for tracking, reporting, and being accountable for all activities relating to Lead Conversion activities to the shareholders and significant others who have personal interest in the company succeeding. J   

General Standards 

  1. All work will be orchestrated, documented and quantified toward the achievement of the company’s strategic objective. Orchestration means all routine activities will be documented and managed within the structure and context of the operations manual.  All systems documentation will be formatted according to company templates. 
  2. All work will be performed in accordance with all government laws, regulations, ordinances, and court rulings in those jurisdictions in which the company operates. 
  3. All work will be performed according to company policies and standards inherent in all position contracts, action plans, employee manuals, ongoing policy memorandums, facilities and dress codes, as well as in the vision and spirit of the company’s strategic objective, company story and positioning statement.  
  4. All client materials and information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.  The information included in the operations manual is proprietary. 
  5. All telephone calls, both internal and external, will be returned within one business day and within two hours whenever possible. 
  6. Your director will be notified of any issues to be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met by reportee prior to the due date. 
  7. All Policy Memorandums indicating changes in policy and/or procedure will be stored in each employee’s Operations Manual until which time an updated procedure is provided. 
  8. Employees will provide staff assistance as requested, with a spirit of helpfulness. This means each employee may be asked from time to time to cover in other areas of accountability and/or departments as a matter of exception, not routine. 
  9. All business communications, whether verbal, visual or written, whether for internal or external use, will be professional in tone and content and according to any applicable and existing company policies and standards.   
  10. Employees will respect each other’s time, space and need for concentration.  Socializing and interruptions must not impede workflow. 
  11. Employees will have weekly, regularly scheduled meetings with their director. 
  12. Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the vision of the company, innovations and improvements within their department and position that are consistent with the company’s Strategic Objective. Innovation is encouraged and can be an ongoing process.